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Fees and Policies, 2009

Welcome to the adventure of string playing! It is truly a family adventure, and there are requests I have of both the student and the families.





STUDENTS (under 18):


I teach 45 minute and 60 minute weekly lessons. The cost depends on how long you have been studying with me, so call or email me for current fees. What with sports, field trips, illness, and trips, most students have 3 lessons per month.

I do not do billing, and when payments build up over a long period of time, I have to spend a lot more time doing bookkeeping and less on planning your childís musical experiences, so thanks for staying current!

Youth Orchestra is sometimes paid by the school and sometimes paid by the parents.


I expect students to practice the assigned music carefully and thoroughly, at least 6 days a week, at least 20 minutes each day at first, moving up to 30 or more when they have more skills. This is a requirement for studying with me. We discuss plans for scheduling practice time at home. Sleepovers, sports, horseback riding, mainland trips all need to take practicing needs and alertness at lessons and concerts into account.
The more you play your instrument, the sooner you will be able to play well.
Learning an instrument is a privilege and a commitment. I will work hard to provide you with the best teaching you could find, and I expect you to put in as much effort at home to learn your assignments. If it is just something you will do once a week or so, please don't study with me!


Lessons are scheduled once a week. Because I have a lot of students, it is hard for me to reschedule lessons. Plan to make this lesson time a commitment that is only broken due to field trips, off-island sports games that you participate in, some other unforseen emergency, or illness.
Not having practiced is a reason to take more lessons, not to cancel lessons.

Instrument Care

Take care of your instrument. Donít leave it in a hot or cold place (in the house or in the car). Always put it where it cannot be knocked over or bumped, or eaten by the dog or played with by siblings or guests. Place it securely in the car, with the violin case feet down, cellos bridge up or on the side.
Get a soft cloth and wipe the instrument and strings after every playing session.
The cellos may not go on the buses, and I prefer parents to carry cellos to and from the car for younger (4th grade and under) students.

DONíT TURN THE PEGS until you have my permission! You will break a string and have to pay for a replacement.
Call me if the instrument needs to be tuned. Iím always happy to help.



Lessons are weekly. Make sure your child comes to lessons, arrives 5 minutes early to get settled, has music and instrument, has had a snack and a good nightís sleep. Please donít schedule activities that conflict with the lesson time.

I donít teach on school holidays. I teach in the summer on a week-to-week basis.

Cancellation Policy

Call well in advance if you must cancel a lesson. If you do not call and do not show up, I expect you to pay for the lesson. PLEASE call at least one day in advance. Some parents in the past have taken advantage of my good nature (or whatever) and frequently called 10 minutes before the lesson to cancel, saying the child is sick when I find out they were actually watching the basketball game. Please donít do this. I can't fill that slot or schedule other paying work if you call at the last minute, so offer to pay for unexpected missed lessons.

No Sick Kids

Please do not bring a sick child to a lesson! I wonít ask you to pay even if for some reason you are unable to call me before the lesson time (but don't take advantage--see above). Sick means cough, tummy ache, scratchy throat, runny nose, laryngitis, fever the night before, vomiting, etc. Viruses are communicable for at least 4 or 5 days. Please respect my definition of sick, please. I'd rather you erred on the side of caution. NO SICK KIDS! THANKS!


Make sure your lifestyle allows your child to practice at least 6 days a week in most weeks. Sleepovers, sports, horseback riding, mainland trips all need to take practicing needs into account. The student needs to be home at a time when practicing is possible. The practice area should be quiet and private with no distractions or interruptions, no siblings pestering, no TV or stereo.
A music stand is an essential tool.
A kitchen timer can be used to help manage time, but it is necessary to do the complete assignment carefully and well, even if the timer has gone off. Some children also spend a lot of time not actually practicing during practice time, and so the timer may not indicate actual time spent working.
Learning to play an instrument is truly a family activity, and will require some commitment and discipline for the entire family.


Most adults have lessons every other week, either 45 minutes or 60 minutes. Fees depend on how long you have been studying with me, so call or email me for current fees. You can come every week if you prefer. Please pay at the time of the lesson.

I only have a few suggestions: Let me know if you can't come, don't come when you're sick, and try to practice at least a few minutes most days of the week. Be sure to practice counting! And let me know if your instrument needs fixing--I'm glad to help.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and security are our priority. We do not disclose your personal information, not even your e-mail address, to anyone for any reason...ever.
We do not collect personal information from children under age 13.