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Use these free MP3 files for tuning your instrument and practicing your scales.

Violin E 

Violin A 

Violin D 

Violin G 

The tuning MP3s were created from MIDI files using Blaze Audio's Karaoke Sing-n-Burn, a program that is an excellent music practice tool for learning a song, a hard fiddle tune, a choral part from the Messiah, or an inner line from recorder or viola da gamba consort music. Karaoke Sing-n-Burn plays back MIDI and .kar music files (widely available on the Internet) while you sing along or play your instrument. Change the pitch and tempo to suit your voice or instrument, and change instrumentation and volume of each track to make your own musical arrangements. Record your performance and save it as an MP3 for your iPod or a Wave file for CDs. Free 14-day trial, free support!
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